Income Tax Preparation & Small Business Accounting

Business Owner Compliance Checklist:

  1. Is there a W-4 and I-9 on file?

  2. Is the employee handbook up to date?

  3. Do I complete performance appraisals and reviews consistently for all employees?

  4. Do I have current compliance posters in my office?

  5. Do I know how to handle a sexual harassment claim?

  6. Do I have procedures to train a new employee or discharge an employee?

  7. Is there a safety manual and do I comply with safety standards?

  8. Am I sure of the deposit due dates and do I have procedures to ensure they are met?

  9. Do I periodically check my software for correctness? (Tip: Circular E has the latest tables, rules and guidelines)

  10. Have I properly classified my employees as exempt or non-exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act?

  11. Am I sure employee Social Security numbers are correct? (Tip: Go to to ensure proper SS numbers)

  12. Do I have any third party sick pay claims? (Tip: IRS Pub. 15-A has the rules)



ABP Tax Services is proud to provide affordable, quality tax preparation to McHenry County and the surrounding areas, including Wonder Lake,
Woodstock, McHenry, Crystal Lake, Harvard, Lake in the Hills, Elgin, Huntley, Rockford, Cary, Fox River Grove, Hebron, Algonquin, Lakewood, Alden,
Marengo, Spring Grove, Johnsburg, Chicago and more. We also provide remote tax preparation for out of state clients all over the US including
Missouri, Indiana, Florida, Virginia, Washington, California, Ohio and others. We can prepare and file local income tax forms for all 50 US states.